Welcome to Funco Motorsports

About Us

Funco Motorsports is sand car manufacturer located in Rialto, California.


Welcome to Funco, the “Fun Company”, where we work, build, eat, and breath sand cars. And best of all we drive sandcars… a lot. We are a family owned and operated business, we have been for 40+ years. On any given day you can find at least 8 George’s working side by side from the creators themselves, to children and grandchildren. If you know anyone that owns a Funco sandcar you have likely heard all about our exclusive design features and why they work so good in the dunes.  But if you haven’t, we’ll do our best to explain.  But be aware, words and pictures don’t tell the whole story, you have to ride in a Funco sandcar to really appreciate the difference. The looks and handling of Funco’s are the most unique in the business. Wonder why? Well, there’s a reason for everything in the design of our sand cars.  Reading through these web pages will reveal the secrets of what sets Funco Sandrails apart from all others and learn why we build the ultimate duning machine.


When Gil George first learned how to weld, he had no idea that he would one day be building some of the baddest sand cars on the planet. Gil took what he learned from building drag racing chassis and put it into building a dune buggy for himself. People took began to take notice of his new dune buggy and before he knew it, people were wanting to buy them. Gil started Funco Motorsports in 1968 and has been in business ever since.